No two learner drivers are alike. Some are eager for the challenge; others need a little encouragement. Some think they're born to drive; others have had their confidence knocked by past failures.

Whatever your background, you need a driving instructor who understands where you're coming from – and what you as an individual have to do to pass your driving test.

adept driver training services



Adept driver training services provides good quality driving tuition, at affordable prices. The first driving lesson is free*, which is a great way to meet your driving instructor. Not only that but this driving lesson is the perfect way to familiarise yourself with the controls of the car. Whereas for the more experienced learner, this free driving lesson will be used to assess your driving ability, from which your driving instructor will be able to plan a course of driving lessons tailored to your individual needs.



Pass Plus 

Pass Plus is a scheme designed by the Driving Standards Agency, with the help of the motor insurance and driving instruction industries.

The scheme helps new drivers gain valuable experience to help develop existing skills, learn new skills and techniques, improve anticipation and awareness, learn how to reduce the risk of accidents and maintain a courteous and considerate attitude on the road.


You could save HUNDREDS of pounds on your car insurance!

adept driver training services


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